Kalameny thermal spring

The possibility of pleasant and free relaxation in the warm mineral water offers a thermal spring with a lake in Kalameny.

It is located at the beginning of the Kalamická valley, behind the village of Kalameny.

From Chalupa u Miškov, Močilo (as we call it here) is less than a kilometer away, about a 10-minute walk away. It is accessible on foot, by car or by bicycle.

In the years 1991 – 1992, an artificial well was drilled here and an artificial lake with dimensions of approximately 20 × 10 meters was built around it. The water here reaches a pleasant temperature of 33.3 ° C. This allows swimming in any season. The lake is more than half a meter deep, covered with small stones at the bottom. The healing water springs from a depth of 500 meters, is weakly mineralized and its color is slightly orange. There is also a small fountain created by a spring of water. Here we can sit down and be massaged by this pressure stream. Thermal water has a positive effect especially on the musculoskeletal system. The urine and surroundings were modified in 2021. The second bank is bordered by the Kalamenianka stream, which is separated from the thermal spring and the lake. You can cross the stream on a wooden bridge. There are also several benches and a fireplace with seating near the lake.

From the lake, it is possible to continue along the yellow tourist sign along the hiking trail to the ruins of Liptov Castle, which was the highest castle in Slovakia and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Liptov Castle

The remains of the former castle stand on the Sestrč hill (999.9 m above sea level) in the Chočské vrchy mountains, rising above the villages of Kalameny and Bukovina. It was the highest castle in Slovakia and also one of the highest in Central Europe.

The castle is first documented in writing in 1262, it was built by King Belo IV. on the site of a defunct fortified settlement from the 1st century BC He served a defensive function. It was destroyed several times and subsequently expanded (13th and 14th centuries), and from 1340 it was the seat of Liptov County. In the years 1431 – 1434 it was occupied by Hussite troops, in 1454 it passed into the ownership of Pongrác, which renovated the residential part and strengthened the castle with an advanced fence wall. After the suppression of the anti-royal conspiracy in 1471, the castle was conquered by King Matej Korvín and had it completely destroyed. Only a part of the wall under the grassland overhang has survived.

The original castle consisted of a residential tower, a cistern, a small courtyard and two gates. The castle estate originally owned large areas (for example, the village of Liptovský Trnovec), which decreased considerably after the construction of castles Likava and Liptovský Hrádok.

In the 1980s, the castle grounds were the subject of research into medieval archeology, while its foundations were reconstructed and preserved, and its gradual development until its demise was clarified. The remains of two cisterns, a palace, towers, were uncovered, and a number of bullets and blacksmith’s material were also discovered from the discovered slide under the castle wall on the western edge of the complex.

Today, maintenance in the castle grounds, such as mowing, garbage collection, and technical equipment, is taken care of by activists from the civic association Castrum Liptov, whom you can also support in our country by purchasing souvenirs.

Well Anička

After one of the possible return routes or continuing on the way from „Močil“ you will come across a spring of clean water and a pleasant sitting in nature, which in 2019 was modified by volunteers from the local association Casturm Liptov.

Lúčanský waterfall

In the spa village of Lúčky there is a unique national natural monument, a 13 m high cascading waterfall with a pond. The waterfall, which never freezes thanks to the hot spa springs and can therefore be admired all year round, is only a 15-minute walk from Chalupa u Miškov.